Sri Ganesh Mill Stores offers the Sujata Supermix and Sujata Dynamix, two powerful and compact mixer grinder options for modern kitchens. The Supermix features a 1.5L transparent blender jar and two stainless steel jars for dry grinding and chutney preparation. It has high-strength stainless steel blades, a vibration-free and shock-proof design, and a 900 Watts motor for efficient performance. The Supermix retains the flavors of ingredients and provides 90 minutes of continuous running capacity.

The Sujata Dynamix

On the other hand, includes three steel jars, including a dome jar for wet grinding. It also has high-strength stainless steel blades, vibration-free and shock-proof operation, and a 900 Watts motor. The Dynamix offers a larger blender jar capacity of 1500 ml.

Both models deliver powerful blending and grinding performance while ensuring safety and stability. The choice between the Supermix and Dynamix depends on specific preferences and needs. Sri Ganesh Mill Stores provides reliable Sujata Mixer Grinders to enhance your culinary experience.

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