Siemens has established a reputation for excellence and innovation since its inception, offering a comprehensive selection of industrial motors, including both synchronous and asynchronous types. Its range encompasses everything from standard electric motors to servo motors specifically designed for motion control applications, as well as high voltage and DC motors. This vast selection is built upon over 150 years of experience, during which Siemens has developed into an integral part of digital enterprises.

The Flameproof High Voltage Motor By Siemens Electric Is Incredibly Small And Made With Safety In Mind Sri Ganesh Mavuumill Stores
Exclusively Intended For Converter Operation Are Siemens Electric Motors Sri Ganesh Mavuumill Stores


  • The motor series offered by Siemens Industry encompasses a wide range of modern types, including those belonging to the super premium efficiency class.
  • Siemens motors are designed to have a high power density, which results in maximum energy efficiency.
  • Additionally, Siemens motors are environmentally friendly, as it eliminates carbon emissions in worksites, thereby promoting a cleaner environment.
  • The explosion and flame-proof models have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe.
  • The motor is housed in a rugged structure that ensures long-lasting performance and reduced vibration, making it highly reliable.
  • Moreover, Siemens motors can be easily adapted to suit various application types, offering greater flexibility in its use.


Siemens Industry offers a variety of SIMOTICS electric motors that are optimized for different applications. Their range of efficient and powerful AC motors for industrial use is extensive, covering a power range from 0.09 kW to 5 MW. In addition, they provide extremely reliable and flexible electric motors for high-power applications that go beyond 100 MW. For motion control applications, Siemens offers induction motors that are known for their high precision and dynamic performance. For those who need cost-effective yet reliable solutions, Siemens also provides industrial DC motors.

Line Operation Is The Intended Use Of Siemens Electric Motors, Which Have Ie4 Efficiency Ratings.
Grid Optimized Motors
Exclusively Intended For Converter Operation Are Siemens Electric Motors.
VSD10 Motors
Excellent Dynamic Performance And Excellent Efficiency Levels Of Siemens Electric Motors, Particularly In The Partial Load Range
VSD4000 Motors
Air-Cooled From Siemens Electric Motors.
Air Cooled Motors
The Design Of Siemens Electric Motors Makes Them Lighter And Noisier, Improves Their Vibrational Behaviour, And Allows For Smoother Operation.
Jacket Cooled Motors
The Flameproof High Voltage Motor By Siemens Electric Is Incredibly Small And Made With Safety In Mind.
Flame Proof Motors

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