Crompton is a prominent manufacturer of various types of AC electric motors, including high-efficiency IE2 and IE3 motors, as well as industrial variable speed motors. They understand the importance of energy efficiency in commercial and industrial facilities, as it helps minimize production costs, increase profits, and maintain competitiveness. Since the majority of electrical energy consumed in these facilities is used to power electric motors, Crompton has developed a range of energy-efficient motors that offer 2 to 6 percent more efficiency than standard motors. This improvement in efficiency results in significant savings of both energy and money for the users.

The Crompton Electric Motor Both The Torque And The Torque Pulsation Can Be Obtained In Huge Amounts In Sri Ganesh Mavuumill Stores.
The Cast Iron Used In Crompton Electric Motors Has A Low Melting Point, Good Fluidity, Is Castable, And Has Excellent Machinability Sri Ganesh Mavuumill Stores.


  • CG encompasses various modern types, including those that belong to the super-premium efficiency class, resulting in maximum energy efficiency.
  • CG Electric motors have a high power density and are designed to be environmentally friendly, helping to eradicate carbon emissions in worksites, which promotes a cleaner environment
  • The explosion and flame-proof models of CG motors have undergone thorough testing and have been proven to be safe.
  • CG Electric motors are housed in rugged structures, ensuring long-lasting performance and reduced vibration, which increases their reliability.
  • Additionally, CG Electric motors can be easily adapted to suit different application types, offering greater flexibility in their use.


CG is a provider of energy-efficient motors that adhere to the latest IEC, IS, and NEMA standards, ensuring compliance with the efficiency norms of various regions. They offer a comprehensive range of Low Voltage Rotating Machines that cater to all industrial needs, designed to facilitate, control, and optimize processes. CG is committed to providing intelligent solutions with their latest innovative and energy-efficient products. They offer motors with various efficiency performance levels, including IE2, IE3, IE4, NEMA premium, MEPS, and more, in compliance with international standards such as IEC, NEMA, UL, EN, AS/NZS. As one of the leading manufacturers of low voltage rotating machines, CG produces AC machines of up to 690V and 600kW, as well as AC generators (Alternators) of 415V and 2500 KVA.

 Less Noise And Vibration Crompton Electric Motors
IE3 Motors
Super Premium Efficiency Crompton Electric Motors Produce More Torque
IE4 Motors

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