Sri Ganesh Mill Stores offers the Sujata Frootmix and Sujata Megamix, two exceptional mixer blenders for convenient and high-quality beverage preparation.

The Sujata Frootmix is perfect for creating fresh juices and milkshakes quickly. Its 1.5L transparent blender jar allows for generous quantities, while the high-strength stainless steel blades ensure smooth blending. With vibration-free and shock-proof operation, it prioritizes safety and delivers a delightful blending experience. The powerful motor retains the natural taste and aroma of ingredients, and its 90-minute continuous running capability and double ball bearings make it durable and reliable.

The Sujata Megamix

Designed for kitchens where mixing and blending are essential. Its large 1.5L blender jar is unbreakable and transparent, allowing you to monitor consistency. The high-strength stainless steel blades cut finer and faster, ensuring smooth results. With vibration-free and shock-proof operation, it guarantees stability and safety. Enjoy effortless preparation of high quantities of milkshakes and other beverages.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Sujata Mixer Blenders with the Frootmix and Megamix models, available at Sri Ganesh Mill Stores. Simplify your blending tasks and enjoy perfectly blended drinks in no time.

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