Domestic Oil Extractor


Domestic Oil Extractor





Type Cold and Hot squeezing machine
Voltage / Frequency 220 Volt / 50 hz
Watts 400 watts
Weight 15 kg
Raw Material Input 3-5 kg / hour

Oil Output

Nuts Oil Yeilds % per Kg
Groundnut 40-55
Coconut 45-52
Sesame 42-55
Mustard 25-35
Sunflower 18-25


Healthy Oil can be made at Home

High Oil extraction rate about 2-3% higher than the existing technology

High quality food grade stainless steel material is used

Easy to operate and clean

Cold and Hot squeezing, rich nutrition, pure and natural oil

Squeezed cake is enriched in protein and it can be used for making snacks

The nuts squeezer is made up of rugged design and continuous operation of 5-6 hours of working capability

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