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Bi-Mill and Multi Mill Pulverizers machinery for flour mills, Coimbatore

Bi-Mill and Multi Mill Pulverizers


The Bi-Mill pulverizers and Multi mill Pulverizers are latest in the technology of grinding. Bi-Mills pulverizers and Multi Mill Pulverizers are basically a modification made in the frame, mainly to fix to any two or more machines (Mini Pulverizer or a Double Stage Pulverizer) within a single frame of a Pulverizer. This type helps to save upto 35% space and can be easily interchanged by the V-belt in-between two machines. By this process, two or more machines can run independently at a time which is a big advantage for these Bi-Mill Pulverizers and Multi Mill Pulverizers. Apart from this, the output of the Bi-Mill Pulverizers or Multi Mill Pulverizers would be the same as the total power would be divided. Added advantage is that the Bi-Mill Pulverizer and Multi Mill Pulverizers includes provision for fixing of motors on the rail to move up and down and easy shifting of V-belt.