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Idli Dosa Instant Grinder-Kalsi grinder suppliers in Coimbatore

Idli Dosa Instant Grinder-Kalsi


The idli dosa instant grinder is a big boon to people who require large scale idli dosa batter on a daily basis. The basic working mechanism is much similar to the ordinary wet grinders that are used in home appliances. However the idli dosa instant grinder-kalsi is unique when the requirement is needed in mass. The idli dosa instant grinder runs with a size variant of motor ranging from 0.5Hp to 2Hp. The ingredients of rice and dhal are mixed in appropriate proportions and would be fed inside the machine through the tray or hopper. Water to added in right equation in equal intervals of time to avoid the thickening of batter. The ingredients in no time would be coarsely powdered and gives a batter form which would be ready to use. The plates of the Idli Dosa Instant Grinder may get worn out in usage but it can be replace time and again to sustain durability of the machine. The most advantageous aspect of the idli dosa instant grinder is that it can yield a good quantity which may be 5Kg to 60Kg depending on the requirement. The idli dosa instant grinder is widely preferred by hotels, canteens and caterers.