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Havells Industrial motors and Electric Motors Suppliers in Coimbatore

Havells Motors are designed to fulfil the applications requiring high-performance levels and total reliability for a long time. Havells motors are highly energy efficient 3 phase motors and consume less power as opposed to traditional motors.

Havells IE2 & IE3 motors conform to IS 12615:2011 and IEC 60034-30-2008. Havells Motors are suitable for continous process industries, when high energy saving is essential.


* Short Payback Period.
* Enhanced motor life.
* Less Maintanance.

Energy Efficient General Purpose Single Phase Motors

B48, B56 & 100S Series HAVELLS-MOTORS Features :

* Energy Efficient
* Continuos running duty
* Sealed ball bearing
* Class F Insulation
* Dual enamelled copper wire
* CSIR/CSCR models
* MCB & thermal protection in 100S series
* Easy change direction of rotation
* High starting torque


Havells offers wide range of energy efficient general purpose single phase motors ranging from 0.25 HP to 3HP in B56, 100S Frames suitable for 220V, 50Hz Power supply.

More Power and Less Energy Consumption with Havells Motors

Premium Series Energy Efficient Motors

IE3 Motors

IE2 Motors

Crane Duty Motors

Inverter Duty Motors

Brake Duty Motors

Foot Mounting Motors

Foot Cum Flange Motors

Flange Mounting Motors


Havells Motors Dealers in Coimbatore

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