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Jaksam Stone Mill


The Jacksam stone mill is a bigger version of the emery stone type mill. The main function of Jacksom stone mill is to grind food particles of wheat, dhal, ragi, rice in fine powder. Based on the output required motors can be installed in jacksam stone mill. The emery stones have to be properly fixed or prepared before the process of begins. The emery which is the core of the machine will grind the food particles to fine powder and it comes out through the outlet provided. The Jackson stone mill machine is commonly used by flour mill entrepreneurs and wholesale manufacturers of various powders. High level mechanism is involved and this has to be handled by trained technicians. The flour attained would be the best quality as good emery stones are used in the process and sought after much by recognized companies. The stone may be worn out after a period of time but regular maintenance would guarantee its survival for a long period.