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Saral Pulverizer with SS Hopper suppliers and service providers in Coimbatore

Saral Pulverizer with SS Hopper


Saral Pulverizer is the latest invention for new flour mill entrepreneurs. Saral Pulverizer has ZERO maintenance compared to old conventional method used in Pulverizers. The need for the mechanic to install Saral Pulverizer is not necessary. Saral Pulverizer can be used to grind almost all materials including Ayurvedic powder, Turmeric powder, etc. Saral Pulverizer requires NO foundation and it can be run through motor, which means belt and pulley mechanism is replaced with direct motor mechanism. Saral Pulverizer has eight different sieves types, which could be used according the fineness of the required material. Saral Pulverizer is available in both SS/MS type of component. High grade of the material can be obtained with SS type Saral Pulverizer.