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Saral Domestic Stoneless Flour Mill with Fully Automated


Saral Domestic Stoneless Flour mill is a boon to the grinding technology. Saral Pulverizers guarantee 100% pure and fine flour with the help of stone less grinding. There are various advantages in the Saral pulverizers some of them being stainless steel body, light weight and compact, low power consumption, easy to clean and work, higher average and free from insects. Dry rice, wheat and various other cereals also can be grinded with the help of Saral Pulverizers. The main function of the machine is when the grain enters the inlet, the machine gets started automatically. Even if the machine is overloaded, Saral Domestic automated pulverizer indicates a warning for which separate equipment is provided inside. As the name suggests, there is no stone grinding and hence pure and fine flour is derived from this machine. There would be no possibility of iron chips contamination as it is stone less.


This state-of-the-art machinery is one of its kind, which fulfills the requirement in huge numbers. Inside the grinding chamber, a digitally balanced four hands cutter would appear. There is also a separate space provided for jali, and the number of its fixation in Assembly Line depends accordingly. An amount of 4.5kg of Flour can be filled into it, and excess would result in overflow. This Stone less flour mill is fully automated with sensor and comes with much safety measures to ensure there is no damage at any cost.