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Sri Ganesh Mill Store - Suppliers and distributors of flour mill machinery

We are the leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of one shot chilli grinding machine. One shot chilli pulverizer is exclusively fabricated to fit in small flour mills. The machine is specially designed for grinding materials such as chilli, coriander, and turmeric. The parts used to fabricate this chilli pulverizer are made of high accuracy and quality. The name itself describes its working, this pulverizer has a single unique crushing chamber that consists of special cutters with teeth positioned at proper angles to provide a precise pulverizing action, just powders the whole raw materials in one step. As an outcome, the finely grinded materials are delivered at the outlet. The one shot chilli pulverizer is the ideal machine for average flour mills comes with standard accessories like filter and sieves. No heat or any other substance is allowed to affect the material pulverized. The machine will deliver a pure and quality end product, best suitable for grinding materials like chilli, coriander, turmeric and other spices from its raw form. The machine requires less maintenance and power consumption, offers longer operational life, smooth performance, and output up to 40 KG per hour. We also manufacture multiple type of Pulverizers designed with different special grinding mechanisms for numerous types of spices and pulses.



Power: 10 HP + 1 HP

Output : 40 KG Per Hour

Space Required: 10 x 10


Low power Consumption.

Smooth performance

Longer operational life

Require less maintenance

High productivity

Easy to use and maintain