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Tilting Wet Grinder


The tilting wet grinder is an one-of-a-kind invention in grinding technology. The tilting wet grinder arrives in varying formats ranging from 10 litres to 40 litres. The functionality of these tilting wet grinders are quite similar to the working principle of ordinary grinders. The tilting wet grinders run with high speed motors and the food ingredients are mixed and compressed between two natural grinding stones. These tilting wet grinders are generally preferred not only for idli dosa batter but also for grinding chutney, pastes which is used for large scale consumption. The foremost benefit of the tilting wet grinder is that the end result of the ingredients can be taken out by just tilting the wet grinder with the help of a lever attached to it. By this means the work becomes simple and easy and productive at the same time. The tilting wet grinders are much appreciated and sought after by the hotel entrepreneurs and catering contractors.