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Huller machine suppliers in Coimbatore



Hullers are a old conventional machine. People most often used Hullers for paddy hulling and coffee hulling. Hullers are also sometimes used for Raagi(millet). Traditionally, Hullers are used to remove the chaff(outer husk) from the paddy  and coffee and this machinery is fully automated in design. Over a period of time Rice Hullers have taken a change in the technology. In today’s scenario, it is done using an abrasive rotating disk to remove the husk and separate it from the paddy which becomes rice grains. Hullers are frequented in small rice and flour mills. Apart from that, farmers also use these hullers who have single phase electricity connection. The advantages of Hullers are huge for small rice growers, coffee plantation owners if the investment is done right and one could gain the maximum benefit out of these hullers. Huller machines are available from the power range of 2Hp to 20 Hp power.