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The idea of a decordicator is to remove the groundnut from its shells. Our range of Decordicators is engineered at its best function which would give the finest results. The main function of a decordicator is when the groundnut is fed inside the decordicator’s upper chambers, the shell would be immediately removed with the rubber plate which is inside the decordicator and instantly separates the shell and the groundnut. Apart from this, a rubber plate placed inside of a decordicator would separate the fines of groundnut for seed and its crush for oil. The main advantages of having a decordicator in mills is for the extract of the groundnut oil which could then be sent for retail and wholesale. The rubber plates of the decordicator may be worn out after same on usage but it can be replaced from time to time making it even more efficient. The variants of Decordicators available are from 2Hp to 100Hp and the maintenance of these decordicators are quiet simple and is highly user friendly machine.